My Dragon City Mobile Gameplay Tutorial for all Beginners

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The most interesting mobile game I have ever played in 2014 is Dragon City. This game is introduced on Facebook platform in 2012. After 1 year it has become the most popular game on Facebook. Then a mobile version is out for Android and iOS platforms. I played dragon city mobile game on my iPAD. I love this game on the moment I played it. I was surprised Social Point just create a good game for all mobile game players. I want to share some good tips about how to play this game well in one month on mobile device in this post. So let’s start the topic now.

The first thing you need to know is that there are total twelve types of dragons on the game. They are legend dragons, pure dragons, war dragons, light dragons, terra dragons, dark dragons, ice dragons, flame dragons, electric dragons, sea dragons, metal dragons and natural dragons. Each type of dragons have their own primary element such as flame dragons have fire element and sea dragons have water element. When you are in a dragons battle, you should be more careful of the dragons’ elements. If you choose the right dragon in a battle, you will win it easily. For example, when you are fighting against flame dragons, you should choose sea dragons to start the war. As water element can hit great damage on fire element, you can take down this battle easily. You should remember this rule – there are two elements attached on one dragon – primary element and secondary element. The secondary element has no effect on dragons’ battle damage. It only give dragons to have alternative attacks. Dragons also can be grouped to six group. They are exclusive dragons, legend dragons, rare hybrid dragons, elemental dragons, hybrid dragons and unknown dragons.

dragon city dragon types

There are total 20 buildings on the game. But I do not want to talk about every one for details. Let me focus on some important buildings on the game. The Stadium is a Special Building where you can combat with your team of dragons. There are eleven tournaments in all on stadium. One tournament is for one level from level one to level eight. Tournament for Level nine to level 16 is called diamond cup. After each tournament you will get reward for gold and gems. So the concept is that you should win tournament as many as you can for getting a lot of rewards. You can’t open stadium until you get at least three friends’ requests. The stadium only can open for 12 hours a day. The second building I want to talk about is the dragon market where players can exchange food and gold from. You can produce and collect gold or food in 6 hours here with your friends’ help. The higher level your dragons have, the more food and gold you can produce and collect. The more friends’ assist you can get, the more bonus you will gain. My advice is that invite friends as many as you can to do this task.

dragon city resources

Let me talk about the resources of this game. Food is the basic resource on dragon city. Your dragons need food to gain experience and increase level. You can get food from dragon exchange market or produce them on your farms. Gold is a general currency on this game. You can get gold via dragon exchange market and collect them from your dragons’ habitats. Gems can be purchased with real world money and win battles against 7 teams in PVPs. You can use gems to buy gold and food. So the more gems you own, the more gold and food you can buy on the game. The fastest way to get food, gold and gems is using dragon city cheats which has ability to general fast gold, food and gems on the game. But you should not be greedy when using cheat engine to get resource or you will get ban in the end.

Finally, if you need more tips and tricks for dragon city, you can visit their official forum and join their discussion. The more you learn, the easier you will find when playing dragon city.